Pillar 3a retirement savings account

Save for your retirement and save on taxes

The Fisca account is the pillar 3a retirement savings account of UBS. By paying regularly into the 3a account, you save on taxes now and save up capital for your retirement later.

Save on taxes
Payments into pillar 3a are deductible from taxable income

Flexible deposits
The amount and date can be freely selected within the framework of the maximum amount

Advance withdrawal
Possible, for example when buying your own home or becoming self-employed

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Open your pillar 3a retirement savings account directly in e-banking at "Products > Pension planning”.

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You can find pension products in the Mobile Banking App under "Settings > Products > Products & services > Pension planning".

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Pillar 3a retirement savings account at a glance

  • Tax-exempt interest earnings
  • Free account management
  • Free annual account statement
  • Check your account balance and performance at any time

Our tip: combine a retirement savings account 3a with a custody account and invest in Vitainvest Sustainable Funds. This will allow you not only to boost your private retirement savings, but also to do something positive for the environment and society at the same time.

Savings are tax-deductible in a pillar 3a retirement savings account and build up assets for your future. Anyone with an income subject to AHV contributions is authorized to make payments.

Flexible deposits

You yourself determine if and how much you want to pay into your pillar 3a account. However, pillar 3a is subject to a maximum amount, which is set annually by the Federal Department of Social Security.

Your own home is counted as part of your retirement provision. This is why you can also use savings from pillar 3a before reaching the AHV retirement age to finance home ownership – provided you move into the house or apartment yourself.

In terms of financing, you have the following options:

  • you can withdraw your retirement capital and thus increase the equity when purchasing the residential property – or you can use it to pay off an existing mortgage.
  • you can pledge your retirement capital as collateral for your mortgage.

You can also use the amount you have paid in annually to the pillar 3a account to indirectly amortize the debt on the mortgage. You benefit additionally from preferential interest rates on the pension fund savings and also save on taxes.

We’ll gladly show you in detail how you can finance your own home with retirement savings.

The capital you hold in a pillar 3a retirement account is bound by law until you retire – and the earliest you can access it is five years before you reach the AHV retirement age. Advance withdrawal, however, is possible if you

  • buy or build your own home, which you move into yourself;
  • would like to pay back debt on a mortgage for a residential property you live in yourself;
  • become self-employed;
  • leave Switzerland permanently;
  • buy into a pillar 2 pension fund;
  • draw a 100% benefit from the Swiss Federal Invalidity Insurance and the invalidity risk is not insured.

With a pillar 3a retirement savings account, you save on taxes several times over:

  • deduct the annual paid-in amount from taxable income.
  • the capital saved up is exempt from wealth tax until maturity.
  • your interest earnings are tax-exempt.
  • when your retirement savings are paid out, they are taxed separately from income at a reduced rate.
  • by staggering your 3a withdrawals, you can keep your tax rate even lower.

With the pillar 3a pension account, you save on a tax-privileged basis and build up assets for the future. Anyone with income subject to AHV contributions is authorized to make deposits. You decide yourself when and how much you pay into your account every year. A maximum amount applies to pillar 3a, which is set every year by the Federal Social Insurance Office.

Save on taxes with multiple 3a accounts

As soon as you have your pillar 3a assets paid out, these will progressively be taxed. That means: the higher the amount, the higher the tax rate. For tax purposes, it makes sense to stagger your withdrawal instead of taking out one great sum of money. To do so, open a few pillar 3a retirement savings accounts with us. Then you can make withdrawals bit by bit before you retire. 

Sample calculation:

Assumption for sample calculation: a person has paid the maximum annual amount of CHF 6,883 into pillar 3a for 30 years, is single and of Roman Catholic denomination, has no dependent children and resides in Olten (the staggered withdrawal of retirement assets is not handled in the same way in all cantons, which may lead to no or reduced tax savings in some circumstances. Due to the withdrawal of other retirement assets (e.g. from pillar 2), pillar 3a assets should not be withdrawn at the time of retirement. This will prevent an increased tax burden.

Your personal tax savings

A general calculation does not represent your individual situation. We’re happy to work out a tailored solution with you according to your wishes.