Save for your retirement, buy a house, start your own business or emigrate: start saving for the future today. With us at your side.

Where are you with your retirement planning?

Pension process

At the start

I’m looking for the right solution to start saving for retirement.

Excellent – the sooner, the better. With time, even small amounts can grow into major sums. And best of all: paying into pillar 3a also means paying less tax.

Optimizing your savings and early withdrawal

How can I grow my retirement savings?

If you invest your retirement savings, you stand to benefit from higher potential returns in the long term. For example, you could invest in our sustainable UBS Vitainvest Investment Funds.

Want to withdraw your retirement savings early? You can do so in the following situations: starting your own business, moving away from Switzerland or buying a home.

Career break

A change of job, a stay abroad, a career break – how do I keep saving for retirement? 

With a vested benefits account or custody account, you receive your pension assets from pillar 2 (occupational pension) if you take a break from or give up gainful employment in Switzerland.

Plan your retirement

Will I have enough money when I retire?

There are many things to consider as retirement nears – from possible tax optimization to a payout plan that suits you. We would be happy to draw up a concrete plan of action with you and answer your questions about retirement.

30 minutes well invested on a UBS pension webcast

Monthly pension or lump sum?

The most important question before your retirement can only be answered once. Register for our free webcast today.

A woman sits outside at a wooden table in the evening sun and is researching early retirement on her laptop.

Early retirement: how does it work?

Can I afford it? Get answers about early retirement in our free webcast.

Can I benefit from my pension today?

Key information on early withdrawal of your pension for financing a home or self-employment in our free webcast.

One third less vacation for women? Reality when it comes to pensions. 

That’s why it’s especially important for women to take charge of their pension. Find out more in the webcast.

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Helpful tips, information and examples of how to optimize your retirement savings and pay less tax.

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Tips and practical examples to help you plan your retirement to save on taxes now and later on.

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Saving for retirement is worthwhile. Answer just a few questions and receive pension tips tailored to your individual situation.

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