Digital functions

The most important digital functions in Digital Banking.


Receive invoices directly in e-Banking or mobile.

  • No need to type in or scan amounts, account or reference numbers
  • No invoice is paid without your approval, whether individual or based on the sender
  • A digital signature cannot be faked and guarantees the sender’s authenticity

Digital signature

Read and sign agreements directly in your Digital Banking.

  • Access, review and legally sign agreements anytime and anywhere
  • No need to print agreements or return them by postal mail
  • Processing of your signed agreements is faster

UBS key4 gold

Buy and sell gold easily on your smartphone.

UBS key4 gold makes buying and selling gold easy and secure. With UBS key4 gold:

  • You own physical gold
  • Your gold is stored in a secure UBS vault
  • You won't need to leave home to buy or sell gold – do it comfortably from your smartphone

UBS key4 insights

Make better financial decisions with our personalized analyses, tips, and quizzes.

  • Monitor your expenses
  • Get tips
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Test your knowledge