SARON mortgage

The right choice when you want to finance your home based on a market-oriented interest rate.

Advantages of a SARON Mortgage


Your interest rate adjusts with the market and is always up to date.

Unlimited term

Negotiate the conditions once and benefit long term. 


Easily convert to a Fixed-rate Mortgage in just one month.

Get expert advice on your personal situation

Our advisers look forward to hearing from you.

  • Personalized advice
  • Fast turnaround times for financial confirmations
  • You decide on how you would like to receive expert advice - whether by video call from home or in one of our branches.

SARON Mortgage

Advantages at a glance

  • Unlimited term
  • Transparent, market-oriented interest rate throughout term
  • You can switch to a Fixed-rate Mortgage at any time
  • 13-month termination notice period if you decide to pay off your mortgage
  • Regular repayments can be arranged in your contract

How the SARON Mortgage works

Which mortgage strategy is right for me?


You have questions, we have answers

Free real estate appraisal included

Special offer on mortgages

Benefit from an interest rate reduction of 0.30% on your first home with UBS

0.30% eco-bonus

Planen Sie eine Renovierung?

Dann profitieren Sie ab sofort von besonders attraktiven Zinsen und unserem Öko-Bonus mit der UBS Hypothek «Renovation».