SARON mortgage

The variable mortgage with attractive interest rates 

  • Benefit from an attractive, market-based interest rate with unlimited term
  • Keep full flexibility and switch to a fixed-rate mortgage any time free of charge

SARON mortgage benefits

Benefit from a market-based interest rate indexed in Switzerland.

Attractive, market-based interest rate

SARON interest rates fluctuate with the market. When rates rise, you pay more, and when rates fall, you pay less.

Switch and combine

Reduce your interest rate risk anytime and switch your SARON to a fixed-rate mortgage or combine the two.

Unlimited contract

No need to decide on the term, SARON contracts have no expiration date.

Full flexibility

Benefit from a 1-month cancellation period and free-of-charge amortization with the UBS SARON Flex Mortgage.

Personal mortgage advisor

Your personal mortgage advisor will guide you from the property viewing to signing the mortgage – and beyond.

What is my interest rate?

Your mortgage is as unique as your property. That is why we are happy to calculate the interest rate offer for you based on your personal circumstances – free of charge.

Receive a free personal consultation with mortgage experts including:

  • Appraisal for your desired property
  • Interest rate proposal to learn how much you need to pay for your mortgage each month
  • Fast credit decision within 48 hours
  • Tips and support in the bidding process

What are you looking to finance?

Dreaming about your own home? Want to buy a property to rent out? Check what purpose you can take out a mortgage for.

First home

Benefit from special offers with attractive interest rates and be assured that our mortgage experts are here for you.

Vacation home or investment property

Benefit from useful tools (Municipality Guide) and our extensive market knowledge in Switzerland.

Prolong your mortgage

If your mortgage is coming to an end, talk to us about extending your mortgage and about our renovation offerings.

Switch your mortgage to UBS

Save with attractive rates – we take care of everything else.

All about SARON mortgage

Which SARON mortgage is the right mortgage for me?

Depending on how much flexibility you require, e.g., because you are planning on selling your home soon or you expect a significant income and plan to back your mortgage, a more flexible SARON mortgage may be worthwhile for you.

UBS SARON Mortgage

  • Unlimited contract term
  • Variable interest rate during the entire duration of the contract
  • Switch to UBS fixed-rate mortgage anytime
  • Available to finance all types of real estate
  • Benchmark interest rate based on the Compounded Swiss Average Rate Overnight (SARON)
  • Accounting period of three months starting at the end of each quarter¹

UBS SARON Flex Mortgage

Everything that’s included in the SARON Mortgage. In addition, you can benefit from additional flexibility for a fee:

    • Termination: Termination period of 1 month; 10 days if the property is sold
    • Repayment: Optional extraordinary reduction of the loan amount once per calendar quarter

    Unsure what’s the right mortgage for you?

    Receive a free advice or individual offer and, on request, a mortgage decision within 48 hours.

    • Personal advice from experienced mortgage advisors
    • From the comfort of your home or your place of work
    • Our advisors are here for you:
      Monday – Thursday: 08:00 a.m. – 08:00 p.m.
      Friday: 08:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

    How will interest rates evolve?

    Receive our interest rate forecast regularly and free of charge by e-mail

    Find out more about the current market situation, trends in mortgage interest rates and existing mortgage products.


    Good to know:

    • 20% of the purchase price should be financed with your own equity
    • The total monthly costs for your property should not exceed 33% of your gross income

    Planning to renovate?

    If so, you can now benefit from particularly attractive interest rates and our eco-bonus with the UBS “Renovation” Mortgage.

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