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Benefit from our UBS special offers for your first home, your energy-efficient property or energy-efficient construction measures.

First Home

0.30% interest rate reduction on your first home with UBS, or to replace an existing mortgage with another bank.


0.40% interest rate reduction on your energy-efficient property through UBS with one of the following energy-certification: Minergie® or GEAK certification Class A/B standard.


Preferential interest rate for your renovation project and an additional eco-bonus of 0.30% if the construction work is to improve energy efficiency or leads to a Minergie® certificate or GEAK® certificate of class A or B.


Enjoy attractive interest rate conditions when you replace your fossil fuel heating system with a more energy-efficient equivalent or install solar collectors or a photovoltaic system.


You and your family remain financially independent and are still able to fulfill financial obligations at all times, thanks to Zurich Immo-Protect.

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