UBS key4 pension 3a

Take your future into your own hands

  • Save on taxes, invest smart and enjoy a worry-free retirement.

Your benefits with pillar 3a

You benefit in the long term

Paying into an investment solution increases your chances of a return in the long term.

You save on taxes

Your deposits can be deducted from your taxable income. The more you pay in, the more you save, so we suggest you deposit the maximum amount each year, if you can.

You stay flexible

If necessary, you can withdraw your pension savings before you retire, e.g., to buy a home.

A head start for the future

Invest with UBS key4 pension 3a

  • Open your pension account in the Mobile Banking App
  • Save on taxes and decide for yourself how much you pay in
  • Invest your pension savings for potentially higher returns

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