Save for your retirement with pillar 3

Deposit today, relax tomorrow

  • Start providing for your retirement early, save on taxes with every deposit and use the money to finance your own home or to start a business.

Pillar 3 at a glance

Save independently

You decide when, how and how much to pay in.

Save twice

Save on taxes each year and at the same time provide for tomorrow.

Save flexibly

Achieve your dream of owning your own home or business.

More than “just” a savings account

Invest in sustainable Vitainvest Investment Funds for potential higher returns – with Switzerland’s leading fund provider.

  • Freely decide how much of your retirement savings you’d like to invest.
  • Invest with just one fund in more than 1,000 investment positions – start with just CHF 50.
  • Benefit from integrated foreign currency hedging in all pension funds.

UBS key4 pension 3a at a glance

How much can you save on taxes?

A woman is happy about the taxes she’s saved thanks to her pillar 3a payments.

The more you pay in annually, the greater your tax savings.

  • You can pay a set amount into your pillar 3 account each year.
  • By deducting your deposits from your taxable income, you save on taxes.
  • The maximum amount in 2024 is CHF 7,056 (for insured persons with a pension fund).

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