Pillar 3

Enjoy a worry-free retirement

AHV and the pension fund alone are usually not enough to secure your customary standard of living when you retire. We offer you two pillar 3 solutions for retirement provision which benefit you now and later.

Pillar 3 at a glance

  • More money in retirement: Improve your benefits by using pillar 3 to avoid income gaps.
  • Save taxes: You may deduct the paid-in amount from your taxable income.
  • Variable payments: You decide how much you pay into pillar 3.
  • Advance withdrawal for your own home: If you yourself reside in the property, you can use money from pillar 3 for the financing or amortization.
  • Flexible at retirement: You can already withdraw your savings five years before reaching the AHV retirement age.

Pillar 3 is comprised of pillars 3a (restricted pension plan) and 3b (unrestricted pension plan). Your voluntary payments into the pillar 3a are tax-deductible.

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