Pillar 3

Enjoy a worry-free retirement

AHV and the pension fund alone are usually not enough to secure your customary standard of living when you retire. We offer you two pillar 3 solutions for retirement provision which benefit you now and later.

Pillar 3 at a glance

  • More money in retirement: Improve your benefits by using pillar 3 to avoid income gaps.
  • Save taxes by contributing the maximum: you can deduct the maximum amount from your taxable income.  Learn more about the maximum contribution in 2023.
  • Variable payments: You decide how much you pay into pillar 3.
  • Advance withdrawal for your own home: If you yourself reside in the property, you can use money from pillar 3 for the financing or amortization.
  • Flexible at retirement: You can already withdraw your savings five years before reaching the AHV retirement age.

Pillar 3 is comprised of pillars 3a (restricted pension plan) and 3b (unrestricted pension plan). Your voluntary payments into the pillar 3a are tax-deductible.

Start planning your retirement today

Already a UBS client?

It’s easy:

Via Mobile App

  1. Open your Mobile Banking App
  2. Tap “More” in the navigation bar
  3. Select “Products” in the “Products & services” menu
  4. Tap the “Retirement” tile

Via E-Banking

Are you new to UBS?

First open UBS key4 banking via the Mobile Banking App and then choose your retirement solution – just download the App and get started.

  1. Scan the QR code to download the Mobile Banking App
  2. Confirm your identity over a video call (with your ID or passport)
  3. Sign the contracts directly in the App
  4. Set up your login via the Access App
  5. Select “Retirement” under “Products” and get started

UBS key4 pension

Save with UBS key4 pension 3a

  • Open your pension account in the Mobile Banking App
  • Save on taxes and decide for yourself how much you pay in
  • Invest your pension savings for potentially higher returns