Fixed-rate Mortgage

If you want to finance your home in a way that is stable and predictable, this is your solution.

Advantages of a Fixed-rate Mortgage


Interest rate and payment stay the same throughout the term.

Limited term

A chance to rethink your strategy at the end of each term.


Choose a mix of 2 to 10 year terms for maximum flexibility.

Special offer on mortgages

  • Interest rate reduction of 0.30% on your first home with UBS
  • Protect yourself early against rising interest rates and fix your fixed-rate mortgage up to one year in advance
  • Free real estate appraisal included

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  • Fast turnaround times for financial confirmations
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Fixed-rate Mortgage

Advantages at a glance

  • Defined term: 2 to 10 years
  • Predictable monthly payment
  • Set your interest rate up to 12 months before taking out the mortgage
  • Applies to owner-occupied residential property, holiday and investment properties in Switzerland
  • Early termination is only possible in exceptional cases, with penalty

Is a Fixed-rate mortgage the right solution for me?

Discover how comfortable you are with a mortgage by answering a few key questions.  

The choice of one mortgage strategy over another is determined by your personal situation, preference, and factors like down payment, monthly income, and regular expenses. 


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