Bancomat, Multimat and TWINT

Your alternatives to the bank counter

Withdraw cash across Switzerland at our Bancomats, do your banking at any time of the day or night at a Multimat or use TWINT to order cash conveniently on your smartphone and pick it up directly in a store or at a kiosk.

Cash for your vacation?

Order cash in around 75 foreign currencies with fast, convenient delivery to your home.
Free delivery within 1 to 2 working days.

Bancomat and Bancomat Plus

Using your debit card and your PIN code, you can access your account around the clock at a Bancomat.

Bancomat functions:

  • Cash withdrawals in Swiss francs; withdrawals in euros also possible at many Bancomats
  • Balance information for up to four accounts
  • Check your last five account transactions 

The following additional functions are available at a Bancomat Plus:

  • Deposits and withdrawals in Swiss francs and euros (deposits are credited to your account immediately and start earning interest right away)
  • Deposits using deposit card (companies receive additional deposit cards for employees free of charge)

You can recognize a UBS Bancomat Plus by the "CHF/EUR deposits" sign above the device.


TWINT+ lets you withdraw cash easily at kiosks and in large stores.

How it works

  • Tap “More” in the UBS TWINT App
  • Select “Cash withdrawal”
  • The Sonect page will open. Tap “Withdraw cash”
  • Follow the steps on the page

You will receive a QR code: show it in the store to receive your cash.


Almost like a bank counter – the UBS Multimat allows you to take care of your banking transactions even without Internet access. All you need are your debit card and your PIN code.

Multimat functions:

  • Scan QR-bills and make payments in over 120 currencies
  • Order foreign currency
  • Check your account balance
  • Check account transactions and print account statements
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Enter and edit standing orders
  • Check your custody account
  • Check banknote and exchange rates as well as current interest rates
  • Send messages to UBS (for example, you can request an appointment for a personal consultation)