Bancomat and Multimat

Your alternative to the bank counter

You can withdraw cash in Switzerland around the clock at UBS Bancomats. At many Bancomats, you can also withdraw euros. At a Bancomat Plus, you can make deposits and withdrawals in Swiss francs and euros. And you can take care of your banking transactions easily at a UBS Multimat – without having to worry about bank opening hours or Internet access.

Cash for your vacation?

Order cash in around 75 foreign currencies with fast, convenient delivery to your home.
Free delivery within 1 to 2 working days.


Using your debit card and your PIN code, you can access your account around the clock at a Bancomat.

Bancomat functions:

  • Cash withdrawals in Swiss francs; withdrawals in euros also possible at many Bancomats
  • Balance information for up to four accounts
  • Check your last five account transactions 
  • Load call credit to your cell phone

Bancomat Plus

All functions offered to you by the Bancomat as well as:

  • Deposits and withdrawals in Swiss francs and euros (deposits are credited to your account immediately and start earning interest right away)
  • Deposits using deposit card (companies receive additional deposit cards for employees free of charge)

You can recognize a UBS Bancomat Plus by the "CHF/EUR deposits" sign above the device.


Almost like a bank counter – the UBS Multimat allows you to take care of your banking transactions even without Internet access. All you need are your debit card and your PIN code.

Multimat functions:

  • Scan payment slips and make payments in over 120 currencies
  • Order foreign currency
  • Check your account balance
  • Check account transactions and print account statements
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Enter and edit standing orders
  • Check your custody account
  • Check banknote and exchange rates as well as current interest rates
  • Send messages to UBS (for example, you can request an appointment for a personal consultation)