Other cards

Special and foreign currency cards

Do you frequently travel abroad, use your credit card only occasionally or would you simply like to do some good? The choice is yours.

Special cards

UBS Optimus Foundation Credit Card

When you use your UBS Optimus Foundation Credit Card you are supporting a good cause: a portion of your card spending is used toward projects aimed at improving the protection, education and health of children.

Basic Card

The UBS Basic Card is the convenient and secure option to pay for your daily purchases. During the first year and if you use your card 24 times or more per year, the card is free.

Foreign currency cards

Visa Card Prepaid EUR

The Visa Card Prepaid in EUR helps you to stay in control of your spending when shopping in the eurozone.

Visa Card Classic EUR

The Visa Classic EUR is your ideal companion for payments in euros.

Visa Gold Foreign Currency Card

The Visa Gold foreign currency card is perfectly suited for payments in EUR, GBP or USD.

World Mastercard® Gold International

The World Mastercard Gold International provides you with a multitude of options, since it is available in CHF, EUR or USD.

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