How should you invest?

Your assets in professional hands

Investing is a personal thing – and is often an emotional affair. That's fine when you can also rely on the objective recommendations and professional know-how of our investment experts. This allows you to achieve the best-possible investment results.

The three pillars of your investment success

If you'd like to invest money over the long term, we recommend that you bear the following three factors in mind: analysis, strategy and discipline. You can also rely on our investment advisors' know-how. In an advisory consultation, we'll analyze your personal financial situation, decide on an investment strategy and help you implement it in a disciplined way.

Know your money is in safe hands

Invest with UBS and decide how much advice you want from us and what decisions you’d rather make yourself. We look forward to assisting you

  • Investment strategy development
  • Suitable investment selection
  • Portfolio monitoring