UBS key4 smart investing

Investing made easy

  • Select your fund based on your interests and manage your investments via the app – from as little as 50 francs.

How you can benefit from investing your money with us

Select the amount and duration of your investments yourself and terminate these at any time

Get individual fund recommendations

Manage your investments conveniently via the app

Count on 160 years of expertise at a fair and transparent price

Keep an eye on costs thanks to absolute expense transparency

Promotion: Invest before the end of 2022 and get your 2022 tax certificate free of charge

The most important information at a glance

Regular and long-term

  • Invest in funds from as little as 50 francs.
  • Make regular payments and select an investment horizon to let your savings grow.
  • Invest in your choice of professional actively and passively managed investment funds.

Entirely paper-free

  • Manage everything in the Mobile Banking App, from the moment you open the account right up until you sell your investments
  • Thanks to the self-service approach, you decide for yourself how your money is distributed across the funds.
  • Want to define a new strategy? Or maybe sell fund units? Adjust your investments both quickly and easily via the app.

For newcomers and pros

We are here to help you invest your money, no matter how well you already know your way around:

  • For newcomers: We propose 3 UBS funds that fit your risk profile, and you select one of them
  • For pros: Select funds independently by theme (such as sustainability or digitalization) or with a regional focus (such as Switzerland or Europe)

Which funds are available?

You’ll find an overview of all investment funds in the Mobile Banking App (name, sector, past performance).

Opening an account takes just a few minutes

Define a risk profile

Answer a few questions and find out which investments are right for you.

Find the right UBS funds

Get recommendations based on your profile or make your own selection.

Open your account and get started

Confirm your selection within the app and enter your first transfer; the easiest way to do so is with a standing order.

And how much does it cost?

Flat fee: CHF 9 per year for assets of CHF 1,000

Flat fee of 0.9% of assets per year

Ongoing costs may also be incurred for the funds (0.25% or higher), such as:

  • UBS 100 Index-Fund Switzerland (Q-dist): 0.25%
  • UBS Swiss High Dividend (QL-dist): 0.67%

50% discount on the flat fee for young people and students

Flat fee of 0.45% of assets per year – for clients under the age of 26 and students under the age of 30 with UBS key4 banking

Get set up now and start investing

Are you already a UBS client?

Then get started now within your UBS Mobile Banking App.

  1. Open the Mobile Banking App.
  2. Tap “More” in the navigation bar
  3. Select the first item “UBS key4 smart investing”.
    Or open “Products” under “Products & Services” and tap “Invest”.
  4. Select the fund and confirm your choice within the app.
  5. Enter your first transfer.

Are you new at UBS?

First open UBS key4 banking through the Mobile Banking App and then select your investment products.

  1. Download the Mobile Banking App.
  2. Confirm your identity in a short video call (make sure you have your ID or passport to hand).
  3. Sign the contracts within the app.
  4. Set up your login via the Access App.
  5. Log in, tap the three dots in the bottom right (“More”).
  6. Open “Products” under “Products & Services” and tap “Invest”.


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