UBS key4 smart investing

Investing made easy

  • Select your fund based on your interests and manage your investments via the app – from as little as 50 francs.

How you can benefit from investing your money with us

  • Receive fund recommendations
    We recommend different funds in line with your interests and your risk tolerance.
  • Stay flexible
    Select the investment amount and duration and adjust them at any time.
  • Manage via app
    Whether at home or on the move: manage your investments yourself and sell fund units flexibly.

The product in brief

Suitable funds for all types of investor

  • For newcomers and experienced investors – select the mode that’s right for you in the app
  • Select an investment horizon and grow your savings by making regular deposits
  • Invest in dedicated key4 smart investing funds of your choice, managed by professionals

And how much does it cost?

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Set up now and start investing

Define a risk profile

Answer a few questions and find out which investments are right for you.

Find the right UBS funds

Get recommendations based on your profile or make your own selection.

Open your account and get started

Confirm your selection within the app and enter your first transfer; the easiest way to do so is with a standing order.

Already have the Mobile Banking App?

Then get started right away:

  1. Under “More” in the navigation bar, select “UBS key4 smart investing”
  2. Alternatively, open “Products” under “Products and Services” and tap “Invest”
  3. Follow the instructions in the app and enter your first transfer

New to UBS?

First open an account with UBS key4 banking via the Mobile Banking App and then select your investment product.

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