Debit cards

Withdraw cash and make contactless payments worldwide

The debit card is the traditional bank card for making cash withdrawals. Plus, you can also use it for contactless payments online and in shops.

Debit cards at a glance

Cash withdrawal

At ATMs in Switzerland and abroad

Contactless payment

In shops – fast and easy

Optimal security

Thanks to individual security settings in Digital Banking

  • Spending control through direct debit
  • Notification of card transactions
  • Access to your card at all times via E-Banking and Mobile Banking (video guides)
  • Deposit banknotes in CHF/EUR at a UBS Bancomat Plus
  • Pay bills quickly and easily via a UBS Multimat
  • 3D-Secure: pay securely by debit card in online shops

Cards and accounts in a banking package with many benefits

  • Choose and pay only for the products you need
  • Including the Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards
  • With E-Banking, Mobile Banking, UBS Safe, Access App and UBS TWINT
  • Participation in the UBS KeyClub bonus program

Family or couple?

The Banking Package UBS Family is for you. This package gives you accounts and cards for a fixed fee that is only charged once per family or couple.

Conditions at a glance

Debit card fees

  • Owner card: CHF 50 per year
  • Authorized representative card: CHF 50 per year

Frequently asked questions

These debit cards have been improved and now have new features such as online purchases (more functions are listed in the next section). UBS Visa Debit and UBS Mastercard Debit are the debit cards of the future and will replace V PAY and Maestro cards. 

Clients’ existing debit cards will not be replaced automatically or in advance, but in the usual way, i.e., when their card expires or if a replacement card is ordered. From December 2020, clients can order a new debit card free of charge via Digital Banking. 

From October 2020, clients can order a replacement card in Digital Banking or via our client advisor for CHF 20. From December 2020, ordering a replacement card in Digital Banking will be free of charge due to the new prices for debit cards. 

In addition to online shopping, the functions of UBS Debit Cards can now be customized in Digital Banking. The following functions of the new UBS Debit Cards can be activated and deactivated as required:

  • Temporary card deactivation
  • Online shopping
  • Cash withdrawals and store payments
  • Contactless payment
  • Contact payments
  • Account access 

No. The transaction account can be added instead of the credit card. 

The function for online purchases is deactivated as standard in Digital Banking. To activate 3-D Secure, online purchases must be activated.

To activate online purchases for a debit card, at least one Access App must be registered in Digital Banking, otherwise the online purchases function cannot be activated. 

Customer card

A card with which you can access account information, withdraw cash throughout Switzerland and take care of bank transactions – at UBS ATMs and Multimats.