Saving for retirement in pillar 2 (BVG)

Safeguard your retirement savings

  • With our vested benefits solutions, your retirement savings are safe if you take a career break or stop earning altogether.

Pillar 2 at a glance


Assets, interest and capital earnings are tax-exempt until withdrawal.

Park your money safely

Should you stop earning, change jobs or move abroad.

Higher potential returns

Invest your retirement savings in sustainable Vitainvest investment funds.

High security for your capital

When you stop working in Switzerland or take a career break, the savings in your occupational pension plan cannot be transferred to a new pension fund. However, neither can they stay with your previous pension fund. Your pillar 2 retirement savings are parked safely in a vested benefits account or vested benefits custody account.

  • Your pension fund assets are preserved, for example during parental leave, further training, a stay abroad or a period of unemployment.
  • Higher potential returns when you invest in UBS Vitainvest Investment Funds.
  • Monies from pillar 2 can be used to finance owner-occupied property.


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