Pillar 2

Vested benefits solutions for your occupational pension plan

If you take a break from or give up employment in Switzerland, the savings in your occupational pension plan cannot be transferred to a new pension fund. However, it can't stay in your previous pension fund. Your pillar 2 retirement savings will be deposited in a vested benefits account or vested benefits custody account.

Pillar 2 at a glance

  • Safely deposited: Your pension fund assets are preserved, for example during parental leave, further training, a stay abroad or unemployment
  • Tax-exempt: Assets, interest and capital gains in pillar 2 are tax-exempt until withdrawal
  • Financing home ownership: Monies from pillar 2 can be used to finance owner-occupied property
  • Withdrawal: No earlier than five years before reaching the AHV pension age; in individual cases, however, earlier is possible