Building financing

Flexible financing of new construction or remodeling projects

When you take out a building loan, a building account is set up for you which is used for settling the running costs of your construction project - for example, payments to architects, construction companies and tradesmen.

Building financing at a glance



Interest rate

Depending on the type of use


For new construction, remodeling or renovation projects

Depending on whether you're planning a new building or to remodel or renovate an existing one, you can finance your project with a building loan or mortgage. Whichever option you choose, your invoices from architects, construction companies and craftsmen will be settled via a building account.

Building loan

If you opt for a loan, you'll receive the money as a variable-rate loan on your building account. Once the construction work has been completed, the outstanding loan is converted into a mortgage.


If you opt to finance your project with a mortgage, you can choose between having the full amount paid over to you at the start of construction or in staggered disbursements while construction is still ongoing.
The advantage of a mortgage compared to a loan is a lower interest rate. Mortgage disbursements are also credited directly to your building account.

Our tip: a fixed-rate mortgage safeguards you against rising interest rates.

Payments to architects, construction companies and craftsmen are settled through your building account. You can access this account conveniently and quickly via E-Banking and keep an eye on your costs at all times.

Term: indefinite
Interest rate: depending on whether you take a loan or a mortgage

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