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As one of Switzerland’s largest mortgage providers, we’re here to help you. With branches in all regions of Switzerland, we know the local market and are ready to support you right from the start.

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Buying a home means finding the right balance between dream and affordability. Use our calculators to get an idea of your ideal price range – and if you have any questions, we’re always here to assist you in person.

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What options do I have to extend my mortgage?

As soon as your mortgage nears the end of its term, you need to think about extending it. Take the opportunity to adjust your existing financing to your current situation in life.

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Receive a non-binding offer for a mortgage with UBS online in just a few clicks or make an appointment with our mortgage experts in your region.

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You want to renovate your home?

We’re here to help you develop and implement your restoration or renovation project. Use our renovation calculator by entering a few details to calculate the estimated CO2 emissions and energy requirements of your property. Find out which renovations will make your home even more energy efficient and benefit from attractive offer for mortgages.

First Home

0.30% interest rate reduction on your first home with UBS, or to replace an existing mortgage with another bank.

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The mortgage calculator is a quick and easy way to see what you can afford.  

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Repaying your mortgage is easier than you think: Find the best mortgage now online or in a personal conversation.


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Our interest rate forecast gives you information each month on current interest rates and interest rate trends – free of charge by email.

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