Simply secure: UBS Digital Banking

More security for your banking transactions

  • Secure and fast login method
  • Strong encryption of data
  • Secure connection to UBS via digital banking apps
  • Additional personal security settings
  • Recommendations on how to stay secure

Fourfold protection

With UBS Digital Banking, you can manage your banking with the utmost security.
These four building blocks ensure optimal security.

  • Secure and unmistakable identification
  • Advanced security settings and real-time notifications
  • Prevention with the help of artificial intelligence and our service
  • Your behavior and how to handle sensitive data correctly


The login method we provide clearly identifies you. Unauthorized parties don’t have access to your digital banking.

Security settings

With UBS Digital Banking, you can manage your banking with the utmost security. We offer you several options to increase your security with personal settings.


We continuously monitor processes in Digital Banking using artificial intelligence.


You can check how secure you are based on our recommendations. 

Holidays? Trips?

Don’t just protect your skin, but your mobile device, too! Learn more on the "eBanking but secure!" page. 

UBS Security Check

Your digital security comes first.

Secure e-banking

Find out more about how to use e-banking securely in a video by "EBAS".

Security tips

Security is extremely important to us – and we make it easy. Our six tips can make a major difference with minimum effort.


Download all instructions for e-banking and Mobile Banking in PDF format.