The right investment solution for private investors

Investment funds give you more of a stake in companies' economic development, even if you invest only small amounts. Your money is invested in lots of different securities and managed by experts. That means investors like you benefit from our financial experts' extensive knowledge.

In a fund from many investors is pooled and invested. As a hedge against potential risks, the money is invested in a broad spread – in other words, in a wide range of individual securities. The fund's assets are managed by investment specialists who aim to make a profit.

When you put money into investment funds, you are acquiring units of an equivalent value that are part of the total assets of a fund. You can sell your fund units at the current market value at any time or buy more to add to them.

Investing in funds is perfectly straightforward. All you need is a custody account or a fund account. In order to help you find the right investment solution from the wide range of UBS funds, we'd be happy to arrange a comprehensive advisory consultation with you.

Know your money is in safe hands

Invest with UBS and decide how much advice you want from us and what decisions you’d rather make yourself. We look forward to assisting you

  • Investment strategy development
  • Suitable investment selection
  • Portfolio monitoring

Fund products for private clients

Strategy Funds

Choose Strategy Funds and you're opting for a foundation made of traditional investments. You are investing in bonds and equities and nothing else.

Strategy Xtra Funds

Choose UBS Strategy Xtra Funds and you're putting your money into bonds and equities. Putting a small amount into hedge funds too makes for a sensible complement to your portfolio.

Suisse Funds

Invest in UBS Suisse Funds and you're putting your trust in Swiss values. You're investing primarily in Swiss equities, bonds and real estate