Maximum contribution to pillar 3a for 2024

Increase your pension and save on taxes

You don’t want to give up your accustomed standard of living when you retire and want to save on taxes now? Deposits into pillar 3a make this possible.

The following maximum amount applies for 2024

CHF 7,056

For insured persons / employees with a pension fund

CHF 35,280

or max. 20% of net income
for the self-employed without a pension fund

What’s the latest I can pay into the 3a retirement savings account?    

To be deducted in that tax year, payments via Digital Banking must be received in the retirement savings account no later than 31 December 2024. You can make payments at the bank counter until 22 December 2024.

Tip: If you deposit the maximum amount at the beginning of the year, you’ll benefit from the preferential interest rate throughout the year.

Manage your pension digitally with UBS key4 pension 3a

  • Open a pillar 3a account in the app
  • Flexibly deposit how much you want to save
  • Invest your pension assets for higher potential returns

Practical tips for your pillar 3a