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We take a critical look at the Swiss pension system

Will I have enough money when I retire? Will the pension funds be able to finance our pensions? How can I plan my retirement to save on taxes? And how stable is the Swiss pension system anyway? To Our experts research these topics and many others.

Second pillar: Stuck in a stalemate

The second pillar is morphing into an unconstitutional “pay as you go” scheme. This situation can be remedied by changing the determining parameters of the occupational pension system. But who would be better or worse off in a reformed model?

UBS House View Pensions

With the Swiss mandatory pension system under increasing pressure, your private pension provisions become ever more important. Find out how you can optimize your pillar 3a investment strategy.

UBS Pension Index Switzerland

The Swiss pension system is under pressure from demographic change, a tough economic environment and a lack of reforms. This index tracks its health biannually.

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Covid-19 and the Swiss pension system

What does the crisis mean for your first, second and third pillar pension.

New country, new pension system

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