Mobile Banking

Secure, convenient banking on your smartphone.

The main features

  • All online payment options on one screen
  • Handy payment templates
  • New filters for more accurate search results
  • International transfers – precise amount guaranteed, in over 120 currencies
  • Pay contactless with your smartphone – with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or with your smartwatch

  • “Scan & Pay” function for QR-bills – no need to type in the reference number
  • Check and approve eBill invoices directly in the app, or have them paid automatically

  • Check account balances and credit card spending at any time
  • Top up card balances on the move
  • Adjust limits for payments
  • Block debit and credit cards directly in the app

  • See your most important accounts, cards, portfolios and your pillar 3a assets at a glance
  • Access frequently used functions even more easily via shortcuts
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  • Define account events and receive push notifications directly on your smartphone

Download now

1. Download the UBS Mobile Banking app

Scan the QR code and download the app:

QR Code

2. Activate the Access app for simple and secure login

The Access app lets you securely and conveniently log in and use all the functions without the Access Card and card reader.

3. Log in and set up the app

Log in to the Mobile Banking with the Access App and follow the instructions in the app.

UBS key4 banking

Don’t have a UBS account?

Do all your daily banking digitally on your smartphone with UBS key4 banking. Open your account directly from the app and get started right away.

UBS key4 gold

Buy and sell gold easily on your smartphone. With UBS key4 gold you buy physical gold, which we store safely for you in a UBS vault.

UBS key4 insights

Make better financial decisions with our personalized analyses, tips, and quizzes.

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