UBS Manage™

You set the goal, we implement it

Our delegation solution UBS ManageTM lets you define the parameters that we follow in managing your assets. Our experts do the rest.

UBS ManageTM at a glance


Analysis of global markets by specialists


Constant alignment of portfolio with investment strategy


Rapid response to market opportunities

Know your money is in safe hands

Invest with UBS and decide how much advice you want from us and what decisions you’d rather make yourself. We look forward to assisting you

  • Investment strategy development
  • Suitable investment selection
  • Portfolio monitoring

UBS ManageTM – further information

First, create your investor profile with your client advisor. We’ll look at your financial situation and your willingness to take risks. Together, we’ll then work out the right investment strategy for you.

Our experts continuously analyze the investment universe for you, for maximum portfolio performance according to your investment strategy. Your portfolio is continuously monitored so that you can both take advantage of investment opportunities and avoid risks. Naturally you retain full control of your investment strategy and capital.


UBS ManageTM [CH] income

Investor profile:

For cautious investors who can tolerate a low level of price fluctuation

Investment goal:

To secure attractive interest income with low to moderate price volatility


UBS ManageTM [CH] yield

Investor profile:

For generally cautious investors who can tolerate a certain level of price fluctuation

Investment goal:

To secure an attractive rate of return


UBS ManageTM [CH] balanced

Investor profile:

For growth-oriented investors who see price fluctuations as an opportunity

Investment goal:

To achieve the best possible combination of yield and capital gains


UBS ManageTM [CH] growth

Investor profile:

For risk-oriented, progressive investors mainly looking to invest in shares

Investment goal:

To aim for capital growth