UBS Virtual Credit Card

The card that you can’t lose

Virtual Credit Card: Available immediately and free of charge

The virtual credit card at a glance


Copy function for the card number

Environment friendly

Environment friendly 

No plastic card issued

Available immediately

Available immediately

Ordered in just a few seconds

Apply for the virtual card

In addition to your UBS Credit Card, you can now activate your virtual card in Digital Banking free of charge. Your card is available immediately.

The virtual card works exactly like your existing credit card. The only difference is you no longer have a plastic card and PIN. You can pay online or in person in stores by linking it to your smartphone or smartwatch.

The virtual card is perfect for you if you:

  • Want to be flexible – thanks to your smartphone or smartwatch, you always have your card with you.
  • Want to be fast – copy your card details from Mobile Banking and use them to pay online.
  • Want to be secure – only you can see your card details in Mobile Banking; nothing is ever sent by mail.
  • Want to benefit – your KeyClub points and insurance benefits are similar to your existing card

Apply for the card in E-Banking

In E-Banking
  1. Go to "Additional cards" and navigate to: "Products > Cards > Virtual card.”
  2. Apply for a virtual card.

or in the Mobile Banking App

In the Mobile Banking App
  1. Navigate to: “More > Products & Services > Discover our products > Cards.”
  2. Apply for virtual credit card.

Don't have E-Banking yet?

Don't have Mobile Banking App yet?

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In addition to its practicality, your virtual credit card also offers other useful services and insurance benefits.