Vested benefits account

Securely deposit your pension fund assets

Whether you're changing jobs or staying abroad – a vested benefits account lets you hold on to your retirement savings when you take a break from or give up your job in Switzerland.

Assets, interest and capital earnings are tax-exempt before withdrawal

Well secured
Full preservation of your vested pension capital if you take a break from employment

Advance withdrawal
Possible, e.g. when you become self-employed or to finance your own home.

Vested benefits account at a glance

  • Account maintenance fee of three francs per month
  • No notice period
  • Free annual account statement 

Request to open a UBS vested benefits account and transfer termination benefits

What do I need to do to open a UBS vested benefits account?

Our tip: Your money only lies dormant in your savings account. With a vested benefits account, your money is invested in Vitainvest investment funds – this gives you the opportunity to earn higher returns.