Credit card comparison

Find the credit card that’s right for you

Classic Credit Card

The classic credit card for day-to-day cashless payments. KeyClub bonus program, basic travel and aviation accident insurance included.

Gold Credit Card

The luxury credit card with a higher limit, double KeyClub points, more insurance cover when traveling and a free Priority Pass.

Platinum Credit Card

The exclusive credit card – in a foreign currency on request, plus other advantages such as a high limit, triple KeyClub points, a Priority Pass and travel insurance.

UBS key4 cards

Our UBS key4 credit and prepaid cards let you pay abroad and in foreign online stores without processing charges and at attractive exchange rates (Mastercard®-rate plus 0.5%). Pay with any currency at any time.

Virtual credit card

The virtual card works exactly like your existing credit card. The only difference is you no longer have a plastic card and PIN. You can pay online or in person in stores by linking it to your smartphone or smartwatch.

Prepaid cards

Enjoy the benefits of a credit card, but on a prepaid basis. With the Mastercard® and Visa Prepaid, you stay in control of your budget at all times and can shop conveniently worldwide. You can load a credit balance simply and easily via e-banking.