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Invest money securely What risk type are you?

If you want to invest your money securely, you consider your own risk behavior.

6 life situations Co-habiting? Part-time work? Pension aspects

Marriage or cohabitation? Full- or part-time work? Everyone is different. Here's what six people think about pension planning.

Secure credit cards with NFC Contactless payment: 4 myths

UBS expert Marcel Drescher shows us that credit cards are just as secure with NFC.

Pension planning according to life phases What’s important at what age

If you want to have no financial worries in old age, you should start planning as early as possible, starting with the third pillar.

New banknote series Switzerland's newly designed 200-franc note

The new 200-franc note will go into circulation on August 22. Here are a few facts about Switzerland's second largest banknote.

An interview with the chief economist of UBS Making money requires strategy

Investing money isn’t witchcraft. Daniel Kalt, Chief Economist and Regional Investment Officer Switzerland, explains why checking out alternatives to a savings account can be worthwhile – regardless of how large your assets.


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