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Payment methods are changing What do you think about paying without cash?

Compared to the rest of the world, cash is still widely used in Switzerland, though contactless payment is becoming increasingly popular.

Retirement provision AHV myths

Many myths surround the AHV (old-age and survivors’ insurance). We debunk the most common misconceptions.

Payment transactions Pay bills easily with the QR code

Orange and red payment slips are gradually being replaced. The new QR-bill makes payment transactions easier.

The 11 most important investment terms

Do you want to make more of your assets? Get active now and invest your money. We will familiarize you with the technical vocabulary.

Expert tips on pension planning New to work – what about pension planning?

Liliane will soon enter the world of work. Until now she was a student with an occasional side job. What is her pension situation?

Bidding process How to buy your dream home by bidding process

Nowadays, more and more people are buying their dream home via bidding process. Read on for tips and advice.

Invest money securely What risk type are you?

If you want to invest your money securely, you consider your own risk behavior.

Secure credit cards with NFC Contactless payment: 4 myths

UBS expert Marcel Drescher shows us that credit cards are just as secure with NFC.


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