Savings account for young people

For their first savings

The savings account for young people is the ideal account to get children and young people to start saving for the first time.

Savings account for young people at a glance

Account maintenance


Interest rate

Attractive preferential interest rate


In Swiss francs

  • For children and young people up to 20 years old
  • Piggy bank when account is opened
  • Topsy’s World with audio books, games and events at

Open your account in just a few steps

Are you already a UBS client?

All this is included in the savings account for young people


Would you like to increase your chance of earning higher returns? Then the investment fund account is the perfect complement to your savings account. Enjoy a higher earnings potential while at the same time keeping the option to access your money at any time. For children up to 12 months, there's an additional 20 franc voucher.

Topsy’s World for children

Topsy's World is a portal where small savers up to age eight can play and learn. It's full of fun and exciting experiences, including games, craft instructions, cartoon films and audiobooks.

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