Investment fund account

Build up assets step by step

Investment fund account at a glance


Higher potential returns than with a savings account

Risk diversification

Investment in different investment funds

Invest easily

Automatic investment from CHF 50

  • Multiple fund accounts are possible
  • Deposits possible at any time
  • Preferential conditions for young bank clients and students
  • Free advice from client advisors

Build your wealth – conveniently and for the long term

With an investment fund account, you can systematically build up assets to realize your long-term dreams while at the same time benefiting from higher potential returns than with a savings account.

  • Freely choose when and how much you deposit
  • Regularly save in an investment fund that matches your risk tolerance
  • A monthly standing order means you pay lower fees on selected investment funds
  • As a gift for your child, grandchild or godchild 


Open your account

Expert advice tailored to your situation.

  • Personal
  • Free of charge
  • No obligation

The ideal gift that grows over time

An investment fund account allows parents, grandparents, godparents and other relatives to give children an easier financial start to their adult lives.