Investment fund account

Build up assets step by step

With a fund account, you can systematically build up assets to realize your long-term dreams while at the same time benefiting from potential higher returns than with a savings account.

Investment fund account at a glance


Potential higher returns than with a savings account


Possible at any time

Minimize risk

Investment in different investment funds

  • Freely choose when and how much you deposit
  • Regularly save in an investment fund that matches your investment profile
  • As a gift for your child, grandchild or godchild (incl. 20 franc account voucher for newborns up to 12 months)

Open an account with an appointment

Save time at your branch: make an appointment to open your account.

Open an account without an appointment

If you would like to open an account in person, visit us at a branch near you.

The investment fund account in detail

The investment fund account combines the benefits of a savings account with those of investment. Investment funds allow you to participate in financial market growth and to benefit from enhanced earnings potential over the long term compared with a savings account.

You decide how much you want to pay in to the investment fund account. As soon as the balance of your investment fund account exceeds CHF 50, it is invested in your chosen funds.

Take a tip from us: make regular payments into your investment fund account using a standing order. You thereby increase your chances of a lower average cost price and increase your returns in the long term.

We offer a wide range of UBS investment funds with various potential yields. Higher potential goes hand in hand with greater fluctuations in value. That is why it is important that we fully understand your financial situation and your goals as well as your risk appetite. In an advisory consultation, we determine your personal investment profile and define the right investment strategy for you. 

The growth plan gives you the opportunity to build up assets systematically, according to your needs and preferences. Your money is automatically invested in your chosen UBS investment funds.

With the redemption plan, you regularly withdraw a certain amount from the money you have invested. These disbursements supplement your income without you having to worry about selling fund units. This is particularly interesting when you stop working.

Account currencies:



Growth plan or redemption plan




Up to 80 percent, any time

Interest rate:

interest rates


  • Administration fee, issuing commission and third-party expenses and fees: conditions (PDF, 2 MB)
  • Preferential terms for young bank clients and young professionals
  • Separate statements for each investment


Free annual tax statements

The ideal gift that grows over time

An investment fund account allows parents, grandparents, godparents and other relatives to give children an easier financial start to their adult lives.