You have to activate the Access App before using it for the first time. This is now very convenient using an activation PIN. During the transition phase, the current activation process with an Access Card and card reader is also still available.

The following conditions must be satisfied to use the Access App:

  • E-Banking or Connect contract (valid "Declaration for UBS Digital Banking")
  • iPhone or iPad with iOS with version 11 or higher, or a smartphone or tablet with Android version 7 or higher
  • Mobile number for security messages stored in E-Banking (for the activation)

Note: This activation mode will be introduced gradually and only be available to you at a later time if need be.

You have received a letter with the activation PIN for the Access App.

1. Install the latest version of the "UBS Access" app on your smartphone or tablet, and then start it.

2. Enter the contract number for your UBS Digital Banking.

3. Enter the last four digits of your stored mobile number for security messages (guide for storing the mobile number). An SMS code will then be sent to you.

4. Enter the SMS code that you just received.

5. Enter the activation PIN from the letter.

6.  Give your smartphone a name. You can use this name to manage your active devices in the Digital Banking settings.

7. Define a PIN for the Access App.

8.  Repeat this PIN.

9. We recommend that you set up push notifications. That way, you will be informed about security-relevant events.

The Access App is now activated and can be used immediately.

1. Install the latest version of the "UBS Access" app on your smartphone or tablet, and then start it

2. Enter the contract number for your Digital Banking

3. Make a note of the last five digits of the number of your Access Card or Access Card Display (can be found on the bottom left of the front side)

4. Switch on the card reader by inserting the Access Card, or switch on the Access Card Display. Enter the PIN of the Access Card.

5. On the card reader or the Access Card Display, enter the 6 digits shown in the Access App followed by the last 5 digits of your Access Card that you just wrote down (a total of 11 digits)

6. Transfer the security code that you generated to the Access App

7. Give your smartphone a name

8. Define a PIN for the Access App

9. Repeat this PIN

The Access App is now activated and can be used immediately.

Important: Please do not dispose of the Access Card and card reader, because you will need them for an additional security check in isolated cases.

You can use the Access App on a maximum of five smartphones or tablets with the same E-Banking or Connect contract. To do this, the activation process must be carried out for each device.

If you would like to deactivate the Access App for a specific device, this can be done in E-Banking or Connect under "Settings > Security > Access App".

If you have deleted the Access App on the smartphone and then reinstalled it, you must reactivate it again for security reasons.

You can use the Access App with a maximum of ten E-Banking or Connect contracts.

  • Activate the Access App for the first contract (see above)
  • Start the Access App and select "Settings > Manage access authorizations > Add contract number"
  • Activate the next contract in the same way

You have three ways to deactivate the Access App:

  • in the Access App under "Settings > Manage access authorizations > Registered contract numbers (select contract) > Remove access"
  • in E-Banking under "Settings > Security > Access App" or "Products > Login methods > Access App"
  • via E-Banking support, telephone 0848 848 064 (from outside Switzerland tel: +41-848 848 064)

After completing the deactivation, you can deinstall the Access App from your smartphone. If you decide at a later time that you would like to use the Access App again, you have to reactivate it.

Note: The Access App will deactivate automatically if you have not used it for more than two years.