Before using the Access App for the first time, you need to activate it. Detailed instructions are given below.

Important: Please retain the Access Card and card reader after activating the Access App.

Lost your Access Card? Card reader defective?

1. Install the latest version of the “UBS Access” App on your smartphone or tablet and launch it.

2. Enter your E-Banking contract number.

3. Note down the last 5 digits of the number of your Access Card or Access Card Display (located on the front, bottom left).

4. Turn on the card reader by inserting the Access Card, or turn on the Access Card Display. Enter the PIN for the Access Card.

5. On the card reader or the Access Card Display, enter the 6 digits displayed in the Access App followed by the last 5 digits on your Access Card you noted down above (11 digits in total).

6. Enter the generated security code into the Access App.

7. Give your smartphone a name.

8. Specify a PIN for the Access App.

9. Repeat this PIN.

The Access App is now activated and can be used immediately.

After activating the Access App, you can log into Digital Banking without an Access Card / card reader. Please do not throw away the Access Card or card reader, because you’ll need them for an additional security check in individual cases.

You can use the Access App with the same E-Banking or Connect contract on a maximum of three smartphones or tablets. The activation process must be repeated for each device. If you want to deactivate the Access App for a specific device, this is done in E-Banking or Connect under “Settings > Security > Access App.”

If you deleted and reinstalled the Access App on your phone, it must be reactivated for security reasons.

You can use the Access App with a maximum of ten E-Banking or Connect contracts.
Here’s how:

  • Activate the Access App for the first contract (see above).
  • Start the App and choose “Settings > Manage access rights > Add contract number.” 
  • Activate the additional contract the same way.

There are three ways to disable the Access App:

  • In the Access App under “Settings > Manage access rights > Registered contract number (select contract) > Remove access”
  • in E-Banking under “Settings > Security > Access App” or “Products > Login methods > Access App”
  • via E-Banking support, telephone 0848 848 062 (from abroad +41-848 848 062)

After deactivation, you can uninstall the Access App on your smartphone. To use the Access App again in future, you'll need to reactivate it.