Rental surety

Rental surety savings account or rental surety guarantee?

Regardless of whether you have a traditional rental surety savings account with UBS or a rental surety guarantee with our partner Zurich Insurance – your rental deposit is stored securely.

Rental surety savings account at a glance


For a one-time fee, the deposit you paid is safely stored in the account


CHF 100 one-time account management fee


You get the deposit back when the rental agreement is terminated – less any claims raised by the landlord

Rental surety guarantee at a glance


You replace the deposit payment with an annual premium – your funds are therefore freely available to you


Annual premium starting from CHF 135 – depending on the amount of the deposit (flexible termination options)

End of rental contract

After the rental contract is terminated, Zurich reviews the landlord’s claims where necessary

What is the difference between a rental surety savings account and a rental surety guarantee?

Basically, both versions secure the rental agreement. While you can open an account for a fee and pay in the guarantee amount, with a rental surety guarantee, the insurance company guarantees the deposit amount for an annual premium (deposit amount is therefore not blocked).

If the insurance company pays out a claim to the landlord after a review under tenancy law, it will subsequently claim back the amount from the tenant.