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Nicolas Cramer

Nicolas Cramer

UBS Crew Product Lead Transferring Money

Leverage our knowledge from 1,350,000 transactions executed daily in over 131 currencies.

The most popular payment methods


QR-bill: Scanned in a flash

The QR code contains all the important information about your payment. It can be scanned quickly (even with your computer’s camera via UBS E-Banking) – so there’s no need for you to long-windedly type out the details of your bill.


eBill: And the account receives the bills directly

With eBill, you receive, check and pay your bills directly in E-Banking or via Mobile Banking App. Plus if you already know the biller, the permanent approval option will save you a lot of time.


UBS TWINT: The Swiss army knife for payments

UBS TWINT is the most popular and versatile payment app in Switzerland. With TWINT, you can transfer money from one cell phone to another in no time, pay in stores as well as online, settle your parking fees and much more.

CHF 15

Direct debit

Direct debit: Billers do the work for you

With Direct debit (also called LSV), you give billers permission to debit your account directly. After your approval, outstanding amounts can be debited automatically - and you can withdraw your consent at any time.

Foreign currencies

Foreign currencies: Pay in 129 currencies

Put an end to additional accounts: With us, you can send money and pay bills in over 129 foreign currencies from just one account. At attractive conversion rates and transparent transaction costs.

Standing order

Standing orders: Never miss a payment again

Recurring, i.e. regularly executed payments, can be easily turned into a standing order. You define the payment frequency and the order amount. As soon as a standing order has been triggered, your account will of course proactively inform you via the desired notification type.

And how much is that?

Even in our most favorable bank package, there are multiple payment possibilities included free of charge. Find out more about your prices and products, here:

("Payment transactions" from page 20)

Further good reasons for UBS

Paying is no fun? Our intelligent functions beg to differ.

Upload QR-bills right into E-Banking

  • Upload and pay invoices directly from email
  • Climate-friendly, because you can do without printouts

Scan QR-bills with computer camera

  • Scan QR-bill without smartphone
  • Just hold it in front of the computer camera

Replace QR-bills with eBill

  • Receive invoices directly in E-Banking or via the Mobile Banking app
  • Simply check and pay
  • No need to scan or upload the QR-bill

Order foreign currencies to your home

  • Choose from over 75 currencies
  • Free delivery right to your doorstep in just 48 hours
  • Shipment is insured against loss

So simply log into E-Banking, click on Payments and select Foreign currency.

... and of course you can continue to pay paper-based with us.

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