Life insurance policies

Plan for retirement and protect yourself at the same time against risk.

You never know what life may bring: term life insurance gives you additional protection and can become an important building block in providing for your retirement.

Life insurance at a glance

  • Coverage of risks such as death and invalidity
  • Immediate, comprehensive insurance coverage after the contract is concluded
  • Named beneficiary in event of death
  • Secured amortization of residential property
  • Guaranteed lifelong pension income

Our life insurance policies

Individual needs call for individual solutions. The life insurance policies offered by our partner, Swiss Life, give you comprehensive coverage.

Swiss Life Protection

Your needs

  • Ensuring you have enough income in case of invalidity (e.g. sickness and accident)
  • Protecting your family in the event of death

How you benefit

  • Very flexible arrangement tailored to your personal needs

Swiss Life Flex Safe Uno/Duo

Your needs

  • Building up financial reserves
  • Securing future amortization of mortgages

How you benefit

  • Guaranteed savings goal plus participation on the capital market (SMI®)
  • Integrated risk coverage possible

Swiss Life Calmo

Your needs

  • Maintaining your accustomed standard of living in retirement
  • Securing lifelong coverage of regular capital needs

How you benefit

  • Payout options as lifelong or temporary pension
  • Various options with pension guarantee and participation in the capital market

Our solution

Zurich Immo-Protect

Your needs

  • To insure your family in the event of your death or incapacity to work
  • To reduce your mortgage debt, should the risk event occur

Your benefits

  • Individual insurance amounts that you choose yourself
  • Capital payments in the event of death or incapacity to work

Good advice pays off

How much security you need depends on several factors. We’ll gladly advise you on the following topics, for example:

  • How can I best protect my family?
  • How do I ensure I can hang onto my home even after some significant reversal in life?
  • What life insurance policies and precautionary steps make sense when buying a home?