Extend your mortgage

Do you already have your mortgage with UBS?

Extend your financing in just three steps:

Arrange a non-binding consultation with your client advisor.

Together, we can find the right mortgage to match your current situation in life.

Get a non-binding interest rate offer.

Expert advice tailored to your situation

Our advisors are glad to lend you a hand.

  • Get personal advice
  • Receive an individual interest rate offer
  • You decide how the consultation takes place – whether by phone, video call or at one of our branches

Your benefits with us

Lock in attractive interest rates

Lock in interest rates now up to 12 months in advance.

Convenient extension

Short and sweet on the phone or during a personal consultation – tailored to your needs.

Finance a renovation

We can also advise you on financing a renovation or conversion.

What options do I have to extend my mortgage?

As soon as your mortgage nears the end of its term, you need to think about extending it. Take the opportunity to adjust your existing financing to your current situation in life. Consider whether you want to extend it one-to-one or make some adjustments; for example, to finance a renovation or to benefit from the interest rate environment.

Extend your mortgage 1:1

If your situation has not changed, you can simply extend your mortgage at the current conditions.

Increase your mortgage

Are you planning to change the structure of your home or do you need additional funds for a much needed renovation? Increasing your mortgage gives you the leeway you need. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Adjust your mortgage

Life circumstances change, and so does the interest rate environment. We will find a suitable mortgage strategy. Switch to a different mortgage model or split your mortgage between different products and terms.


Useful tools for UBS mortgage clients:

How can I best protect my family?

  • With Zurich Immo-Protect, you can insure against the financial risks of death or incapacity to work.
  • You decide what risk you want to insure against and choose the amount of the lump-sum payment.
  • Our experts explain what really matters when it comes to protecting your family and partner.

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