Everything you need to preserve the value of your home

Find the right partners for renovation and maintenance work

Whether a household appliance has given up, a room needs a facelift or you’re planning energy-efficient renovation work: home ownership is constantly throwing new challenges at you. Pick the best tools from the comprehensive toolbox provided by our partner network. And we are there for you throughout every project, from the initial cost estimate through to customized financing.

Protect your residential property for the future

Determine renovation requirements

A renovation project doesn’t have to be a “black box”: use our renovation calculator to check how much energy your property consumes, how much CO2 it emits and how much a renovation project would cost. Everything can be easily calculated online.

Energy analysis by a professional

Would you like a detailed analysis of your property’s current energy efficiency and its renovation potential – and in an uncomplicated way? With our partner NORM, you can enter the plans, photos and consumption data yourself – no need for anyone to visit your home. In return, you will receive a concrete renovation roadmap, including feasibility, cost estimate and subsidy calculation.

Repair, replace and modernize

Residential property needs to be maintained

Owning your own home means taking responsibility. If you want to preserve its value, you have to take action. The Houzy home ownership platform provides you with the necessary know-how in a simple and understandable way – and provides practical digital tools, guides and insights. For example, you can discover the solar potential of your home, evaluate alternative heating systems and plan energy-saving measures.

Find the right tradespeople

From carrying out small repairs to transforming a room into an oasis of well-being: finding the right tradespeople makes life easier for property owners. But how do you do that? The Houzy home ownership platform connects you with certified experts in your region.

UBS Mortgage Renovation

Finance your renovation projects

Do you already have specific plans? With the UBS Renovation mortgage, you can benefit from a preferential interest rate for your renovation project, with an additional eco-bonus of 0.30% if it involves energy-efficient building measures or a renovation that leads to a Minergie® or a GEAK® class A or B certificate.

Build on strong network partners

The 360-degree platform for your home

Discover the first open online platform for residential property in Switzerland.

Buy and sell residential property the smart way

Take advantage of practical services with exclusive special conditions for UBS clients.

Financial security for your family

Give yourself more financial leeway in the event of unforeseen events.

Switzerland’s leading real estate marketplace

Start your search for the right home.

Get an energy certificate quickly and digitally

Have an expert carry out an energy analysis for your property.

Home ownership expertise – for a lifetime of real estate

Buy, maintain, sell: new challenges arise at every stage of a property’s life. Fortunately, you can always count on the expertise of our partner network.

Personalized advice – we are there for you

We can assist you with all the financing issues relating to home ownership.