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Private clients

Whether for accounts and cards, buying your own home, making provision for your retirement or handling your investments, we have the right banking solution for you.

Wealth management

How you invest your money will depend on your personal expectations. However, you decide how much advice you need and what decisions you want to make for yourself.

Corporate clients and institutions

As well as individual solutions, we also provide expert advice on all strategic and operative matters in relation to your finances, helping you to make the right decision.
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Overdraft facility SMEs To ensure short-term liquidity

Create financial leeway for your SME. With the UBS overdraft facility for SMEs, you can increase your company’s liquidity reserves quickly and easily.

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Easier done than said.

With UBS financing experts for investment properties: for assessing and hedging interest rate risks.

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Switzerland [in figures] and UBS

Two become one: The brochures “Switzerland and UBS – Strong partners” and “Switzerland in figures” have been merged on a new microsite with an interactive data tool at its heart.

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