Pillar 3a Save taxes and build up reserves with the restricted pension provision

Many find that their AHV savings and pension fund are insufficient to maintain their accustomed standard of living after retirement. A Pillar 3a pension account gives you the option of accumulating additional retirement capital with preferential tax treatment.

Your benefits

  • Secured standard of living after retirement
  • Attractive preferential interest rate
  • Tax savings
  • Withdrawal options to finance your own home or become self employed

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Fisca account 

The UBS Fisca account is a simple solution for your Pillar 3a retirement planning. Supplement your AHV and pension fund benefits in line with your individual requirements in order to help you to maintain your standard of living after you’ve retired and save taxes at the same time.

Fisca custody account 

The Fisca custody account is the ideal complement to the Fisca account. The long investment horizon of Pillar 3a allows you to take advantage of the UBS Vitainvest Investment Funds and benefit from enhanced earnings potential that is greater than the interest rate of a Fisca account.


Reminder: Maximum amount for pillar 3a

Don't miss the date for paying in to Pillar 3a. We send an email every year to remind you of the deadline and to tell you what the current maximum amount is.

UBS Vitainvest Investment Funds

Vitainvest Investment Funds allow you to participate in the developments on the financial markets and to benefit from enhanced earning potential over the long term. The funds are suitable for the entire pension provision spectrum. The UBS Vitainvest Investment Funds offer the ideal supplement to the account solutions, especially for the long investment horizon of Pillars 2 and 3.

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