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The latest info on the Swiss real estate market

Do you want to buy, sell or build a property? We’ve summarized the most important market information for you. 

Risk of a real estate bubble: Real Estate Bubble Index

The UBS Swiss Real Estate Bubble Index shows the risk of a real estate bubble on the Swiss property market, including a risk map. The analysis is published quarterly.

Risk and monitoring regions for the Swiss real estate market

The regional risk map shows the regions with the highest risk of a real estate bubble.

The latest analyses and developments

UBS real estate experts regularly analyze the market. We provide regular updates on the latest developments, important background information and our recommendations.

Once a year, UBS Real Estate Focus gives you important news on the Swiss real estate market.

In a consultation, we'll use the UBS Regio Tool to provide you with comprehensive data about the municipality where you are considering buying a property. The tool has information on more than 2,000 Swiss municipalities and includes the following data:

  • Tax rate, breakdown of income and assets
  • Demographic structure and trends
  • Construction activity and investment in new properties
  • Real estate price trends
  • Reference data to compare structurally similar municipalities

What will happen to interest rates?

Our interest rate forecast keeps you up to date with the current interest rates and how they're likely to change – free of charge by email.

Do you want detailed information about a municipality?

We’ll be happy to inform you about the latest price developments and to give you all the relevant data on taxes as well as income and assets structure.

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