Smart on vacation How to benefit from your credit card abroad

The credit card is still an unbeatable travel companion. Six tips on how you can benefit even more when traveling abroad.

byUBS Insights 19 Jul 2018

Tip 1: Take advantage of free insurance

When paying for a flight or some other trip on public transport with your UBS Credit Card, you automatically benefit from advantages like the included travel and flight accident insurance and SOS Assistance Service.

Tip 2: Save by paying in local currency

When paying by credit card at the card terminal, you’re often asked if you’d rather pay in the local or your home currency. Paying in local currency is recommended as this gives you greater transparency and reduces the charges.

Tip 3: Conveniently increase the available amount

Not only does the UBS Mobile Banking app let you keep an eye on your expenses anytime and anywhere, under menu item “Payment to card” you can increase your available amount while you’re on the move.

Tip 4: Just in case

Our early warning system generates a warning message for suspicious transactions. We’ll call you right away or send you a text message. And in an emergency, you can block your credit card immediately in the Mobile Banking app.

Safe with 3-D Secure

Book trips and shop online more securely and faster: thanks to the new 3-D Secure procedure, you no longer need a password and you can confirm a payment easily and securely in the UBS Access app or with an SMS code. UBS offers you many other additional services for card security. What you can do: check your credit card statement after each trip and report questionable transactions within 30 days.

Tip 5: Conveniently order a new card

Should you actually need to block your credit card, you can do this for free on the Mobile Banking app, where you can order a replacement card too – conveniently and without expensive phone calls to Switzerland.

Tip 6: Take a second card with you

Two are better than one: take a second card for emergencies. Put it in the hotel safe while carrying the other card in your wallet as usual.

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