UBS Individual Bank package for people aged 24 or more

Our banking package for individuals who are 24 or more is highly flexible and in line with your multifaceted lifestyle. We offer you a product that covers all your daily banking needs at an attractive     all-inclusive price. The banking package includes a personal account for incoming salary and pension payments, a savings account, a V PAY Card or a Maestro Card, credit cards and a Mastercard Prepaid – providing you with the greatest possible freedom.

Overview of UBS Individual banking package

  • Free for new clients for the first year
  • Attractive flat fee for personal, savings and Fisca accounts
  • Including V PAY debit cards or Maestro Cards, Mastercard® and Visa Card credit cards
  • Includes cash withdrawals in Swiss francs at all ATMs in Switzerland
  • Includes payment transactions in Swiss francs in Switzerland from your personal account 
  • E-Banking and Mobile banking
  • Gold Credit Card and Platinum Credit Card with no additional charge for new clients during the first year
  • Participation in UBS KeyClub bonus program


Services and conditions

The personal account forms the basis for your daily banking transactions. You can use it as a salary account, for pension payments as well as for cash withdrawals. This allows you to take care of your payment and securities transactions quickly and conveniently.

The savings account allows you to enjoy a higher rate of interest. For your savings, this is the perfect supplement to a personal account. You have the option to open several savings accounts. Thanks to our interest rate, you can move closer to achieving your goals, however big or small they may be. 

With the UBS V PAY Card or Maestro Card, you can make cashless payments in Switzerland and abroad as well as cash withdrawals at ATMs. The V PAY Card is accepted within Europe; the Maestro Card is accepted worldwide. Cash withdrawals in Swiss francs at all UBS Bancomats and non-UBS ATMs in Switzerland from the Personal Account are free of charge.

The Mastercard Standard and Visa Card Classic credit cards and the Mastercard Prepaid allow you to remain flexible and make payments worldwide. The respective annual fees are included in the UBS Individual banking package. During the first year, you also receive the Gold Credit Card at special conditions. You can choose the type of credit cards in accordance with your needs:  

Alternatively, or in addition to your other cards, you receive a prepaid card.

The Fisca account is the basis for tax-privileged retirement savings as part of pillar 3a. You determine when and how much you pay into your UBS Fisca account each year – taking account of the statutory maximum amounts. For regular contributions, you can use a standing order. You also benefit from a preferential rate of interest.

To enhance your earnings potential yet further, open a Fisca custody account – the perfect supplement to a Fisca account.

E-Banking and Mobile Banking let you do your banking quickly and conveniently at home, in the office or while traveling. This allows you to maintain an overview of your assets and spending at all times. We will send you notifications of your account or credit card transactions via SMS or e-mail. The personal financial assistant supports you in analyzing your expenditure and planning your budget and helps you in achieving your savings targets. Thanks to the Mobile Banking app, you can keep up to date on your finances and spending even when youʼre on the move. Store your important documents and passwords securely in UBS Safe – the digital safe deposit box. You can find all information on e-banking, mobile banking and the digital safe in Online Services.

With our free UBS KeyClub bonus program, you collect points through the regular use of your accounts and cards. You can use the bonus points like cash on a 1:1 basis. More than 30 partners – including H&M, ProCinema, SBB, Apple, Starbucks, Manor and IKEA – will accept your bonus points. Or you can select your gift from the comfort of your own home in the KeyClub eStore.

Further information can be found at UBS KeyClub.

With the personal account in CHF domestic payments made in Swiss francs are free of charge. To make domestic payments, you can use our e-banking or mobile banking services, a UBS Multimat, LSV+ (direct debit) or UBS easy, while recurring payments can be made by standing order.

The banking package for individuals offers you further benefits:

Special offers
As a UBS client, you enjoy a host of discounts on culture, leisure and entertainment.

UBS magazine
Stay up to date with the latest news and current offers

Fees for the UBS Individual banking package

  • Free of charge during the first year
    for new clients or existing UBS clients without a V PAY Card or Maestro Card 
  • CHF 10 per month
    in the case of total assets exceeding CHF 10,000 or building finance / a mortgage from UBS
  • CHF 20 per month
    regular package fee
  • CHF 15 per month
    if you change to using e-documents

Request a UBS Individual banking package

You can apply for your banking package, including accounts and cards, either online via app or in one of our branches.

Further fee information can be found in our product information sheet UBS Individual banking package (PDF, 521 KB).


Alternative banking package for families and couples: