Early retirement planning has financial benefits. Image: iStock

Make the most out of restricted pension plans

This year, you can once again pay up to CHF 7,056 (as of 2023) into pillar 3a plans and deduct the full amount from your taxable income. If you are not a pension plan member, you can contribute even more: up to 20 percent of your net income. This can be as much as CHF 35,280 (as of 2023). With a standing order, you can make monthly contributions without having to lift a finger.

Look for higher returns

For an even better chance at a good return, consider a pillar 3a securities custody account. Some UBS Vitainvest funds now have up to 75 percent invested in stocks and are fully tailored to your needs.

Optimize your pension fund

Additional voluntary contributions into your pension fund are also fully tax-deductible. Review your pension fund statement to find out if you are allowed to make additional contributions. You can also ask the pension fund directly. Spread out voluntary contributions over several years. That way, you can lower your tax bracket for more than one tax period. Check the funding ratio at your pension fund before making an additional voluntary contribution.

Save taxes on home projects

If you own property, you should plan home conversion or renovation projects carefully. If you can distribute the work over two years, you can reduce your tax bill in both years by lowering your tax bracket.

Look into savings opportunities

Can you cut your taxes by moving to another town? Can you increase your returns or eliminate unnecessary expenses? The more you optimize your expenditures, the more you can save for retirement.

Analyze your future retirement situation

Mentally run through your future situation at least once regardless of your current phase in life. What will your needs be in old age? When do you want to retire? What special family circumstances do you want to consider? The earlier you start planning your retirement, the more carefree you will be when exiting the workforce.