The banking package for young professionals

Banking as different as I am

Found your dream job? Launched your career? However you started your professional life, now you can put together your individual Banking Package UBS Young Professional and enjoy its many benefits.

Benefits at a glance

Exclusive discount in the first 6 months

Pay only for what you really need

Including credit cards and debit card

Product overview

Personal account in CHF

The personal account is the basis for your day-to-day banking. Use it as your salary account and for cash withdrawals, and take care of your payment and securities transactions quickly and conveniently. 

Savings account in CHF

For your savings, our savings account is the ideal complement to your personal account. You have the option of opening multiple savings accounts.

Payment transactions

With our personal account, domestic payments made in Swiss francs are free of charge. Use our E-Banking or Mobile Banking App, UBS MultimatLSV+ (direct debit) or set up a standing order for recurring payments.

With UBS Visa Debit or UBS Mastercard Debit, you can pay online and contactless in Switzerland and abroad. Free cash withdrawals in CHF in Switzerland from your personal account at all UBS Bancomats and non-UBS ATMs. The annual fee for the card is included in the banking package.

Pay worldwide and stay flexible with the Mastercard Standard and Visa Card Classic credit cards as well as with the Prepaid Card. The annual fee is included in the Banking Package UBS Individual. You’ll also receive the Gold credit card for the first 6 months at special conditions. You choose the style of credit cards you prefer: credit card as a two-card set (Visa and Mastercard), Optimus Foundation Charity Card or other special cards.

With our free UBS KeyClub bonus program, you collect points by actively using your Credit and Prepaid Cards. You can redeem your bonus points 1:1 like cash. Our partners – including H&M, Manor and Globus – accept your bonus points. Or choose your gift in the KeyClub eStore conveniently from home.

Find out more at UBS KeyClub.

New clients receive a welcome gift of CHF 40 in KeyClub points.

E-Banking and Mobile Banking

Whether transfer or portfolio overview: With E-Banking and the Mobile Banking App, you can take care of your banking transactions wherever you happen to be.

You receive your paperless banking documents and card statements from us in E-Banking and in the Mobile Banking App or via UBS Safe. We call this our “Standard” variant – it's easy, secure and good for the environment. But you can also choose the “Traditional” variant, in which case we’ll send you hardcopy documents for an extra charge.

Access App

With the Access App you can easily log in to E-Banking or the Mobile Banking App without using any extra gadgets. You can also use the Access App (3-D Secure) to confirm online credit card payments and shop even more securely online.

UBS Safe

UBS Safe is your digital safe deposit box. Your bank documents are automatically backed up here and can be viewed via e-banking or the Safe app on your smartphone. Personal documents, passwords and photos can also be stored securely in Safe.


With UBS TWINT, you can pay with your smartphone easily and securely in shops or online. You can also send or request money from friends.

Mobile payment

Your smartphone becomes a UBS card with the Mobile Pay function, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay: Make contactless payments worldwide, easily and securely.

For information about our digital products and services, go to UBS Digital Banking.

Pillar 3a retirement savings account

The pillar 3a retirement savings account is the basis for tax-deductible retirement savings in pillar 3a. Decide for yourself when and how much you pay into your Fisca account, up to the maximum amounts permitted by law. Use a standing order to make regular deposits. You also benefit from a preferential interest rate.

For even higher potential returns, take a look at our Fisca custody account – the ideal complement to your retirement savings account.

These products are optional and are invoiced separately from the package price:

For payments

  • The current account is the basis for developing your larger private payment and securities transactions. Your account balance is always accessible.

For travel

  • Do you often pay in euros? Then a Personal Account in EUR and / or a Credit Card in EUR is for you.
  • Whether trip cancellation, hospital stay or delayed flight: our UBS Insurance Plus insurance package protects you against financial risks while on vacation.

For investing

  • Build up your assets gradually on preferential terms with the Investment Fund Account.
  • The custody account is the basis for your investments. You can use your custody account to buy and sell shares, investment funds, bonds or precious metals.

Open a banking package online

Put together your individual banking package with many benefits easily online.

Prices and additional offers

  • For young professionals between 22 and 24 years old and students  up to 32 (for a maximum of 2 years).
  • Package price per month* (payment possible with UBS KeyClub points)
    • Exclusive discount in the first 6 months for new or existing clients without a Debit Card 
    • From CHF 6 for the “Standard” variant: digital bank documents and paperless credit/prepaid card statements.
    • From CHF 10 for the “Traditional” variant: Hardcopy bank documents and/or credit/prepaid card statements
  • Welcome gift of CHF 40 in KeyClub points

Changing-banks service

Simply close your bank account and switch to UBS: We’ll help you to switch banks and will prepare everything you need.

Special offers

As a UBS client, you benefit from countless discounts on culture, leisure and entertainment.

UBS Magazine

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