Vested Benefits Account Invest your Pillar 2 retirement savings

The Pillar 2 vested benefits account ensures that your pension savings are in good hands should you have to give up or interrupt your employment.

How the vested benefits account works

Having to interrupt or give up your career can mean that your circumstances change. Your retirement savings are also affected by this too. It's at times like these that your Pillar 2 pension savings can't be transferred to a new pension fund The Pillar 2 vested benefits account ensures that your pension savings are in good hands.

Are you self-employed and didn't use your pension assets to set up your company? Or can you only transfer part of your pension assets to your new employer's pension fund? In either of these situations, you can safeguard your retirement savings with the vested benefits account.

How you benefit with the vested benefits account

  • Pension assets, interest income and capital gains are tax-free until they are paid out.
  • Attractive preferential interest rate
  • Finance residential property with pension assets
  • Free account maintenance
  • Tax advantages on lump-sum payments

Further information can be found in our UBS vested benefits account product information sheet (PDF, 121 KB).

Do you want to increase the earning potential on your pension capital? Then the Pillar 2 vested benefits account with a Vitainvest investment fund is the ideal complement to your vested benefits account. We will be pleased to support you with our expertise in a personal consultation.


Good to know 

Calculate the tax burden when you withdraw your pension assets with our retirement calculator. 

Withdrawal options

The capital is legally tied up until five years before you reach the AHV retirement age. You can withdraw it early if:

• You buy or build owner-occupied property
• You pay back a mortgage on owner-occupied property
• You wish to become self employed and not join a pension fund
• You are leaving Switzerland for good
• Your entire pension assets are less than an annual contribution to your last pension fund

You can find details of the withdrawal options in the Regulations of the UBS Vested Benefits Foundation (PDF, 68 KB).

Further issues relating to your retirement

Count on our expertise. We will provide you with important information on additional aspects of private retirement savings. Should you still have any questions, we will be happy to clear up any details in a personal consultation.