Account for children The account with preferential conditions and many extras

Small savers can make it big with a savings account or investment fund account.  Regular saving enables them to make their dreams come true in later life. Both accounts have preferential conditions for children and offer them many additional benefits.

Account for children

The UBS savings account for young people at a glance

  • Free account maintenance
  • Preferential interest rate 
  • CHF 20 initial credit balance for newborns (aged up to 12 months)
  • Topsy savings box and gift card
  • Gift certificate at time account is transferred

With a savings account, your child will learn the right way to handle money. They'll learn that saving it makes it possible for them to have the bigger things they want. And Topsy, the clever little fox, makes saving fun.
Your child can pay what they've saved into their savings account for young people, or, alternatively, you can manage the account as a gift savings account. You transfer money into it regularly over the years. When your child is grown up, they'll get what's been saved up in it as initial capital with which to build a future.  

A savings account for young people that grandparents or godparents can give as a present 

The Gift Savings Account is a far-sighted present and one your grandchild or godchild will be delighted to get.

The UBS investment fund account at a glance 

  • Free account management and preferential conditions
  • Opportunities for higher long-term returns than from a savings account
  • CHF 20 initial credit balance for newborns (aged up to 12 months)
  • Topsy savings box and gift card
  • Gift certificate at time account is transferred

The investment fund account combines the benefits of a savings account with those of an investment. The savings are invested in selected UBS investment funds. That means there are opportunities for higher long-term returns than from a savings account.
The investment fund account is also a valuable present for the future. If you set up an investment fund account for your child and regularly pay into it, you're laying the foundation for your child's future wealth. We'll be happy to provide you with detailed information and work out a solution that's tailor-made to suit you. 


Topsy's World – the portal for little savers

Topsy's World is a portal where little savers up to the age of eight years can play and learn. It's a place where exciting and fun experiences like games, cartoon films and audiobooks are waiting for them. The content is designed to suit children and can be accessed for free, without the need to register.

Topsy and his three friends get to experience lots of new things. And the Topsy e-newsletter keeps you and your child up to date with them.  


Kids Zone – the portal for older children

Our online world for children aged nine to fourteen combines learning with fun and entertainment, so they can enjoy finding out more about money and finance. For example, children explain financial terms in ways children can understand.
It also features sport. The UBS Kids Cup is Switzerland's biggest sporting event for children and young people. It's held every year, with more than 100,000 children and young people taking part, and we take an online peek behind the scenes. We also introduce new and trending types of sport and there are great prizes to be won. Make sure your child doesn't miss anything, and sign up to the Kids e-newsletter.