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Do you want to enjoy the luxury of living within your own four walls during your retirement? If you start planning the future financing of your home when you reach the age of fifty, you can look ahead to your retirement with peace of mind.

Find out which aspects of financing change once you reach the age of 50 – and which topics you need to pay particular attention to. 

1. Understand Financing 50+

When you reach the age of 50, the following aspects of residential property financing are subject to change:

Early withdrawal and pledging of retirement savings

When you reach the age of 50, the rules which apply to the early withdrawal, or pledging, of your retirement savings from a pillar 2 scheme are subject to change. 

Unless the rules governing your pension scheme state otherwise, the withdrawal must be made no later than three years before the point at which you are entitled to draw the funds from your retirement account.

If, from the age of 50, you wish to finance your own home using funds from your pillar 2 scheme, then the maximum amount you are permitted to withdraw is the total sum of the vested benefits which you would have been entitled to at the age of 50 or half of the vested benefits available to you at the time of withdrawal. You are entitled to withdraw, or pledge, the higher of the two sums.

Assess whether or not you will still be able to afford your home when you retire 

Even after you have retired, your monthly living costs should not exceed 33% of your income. Please note:

  • Your retirement income is likely to be lower than the amount you earned whilst you were still working.
  • Your second mortgage will probably have been paid back in full by the time you retire. This means that your annual interest payments will be lower.

2. Analyze your financial situation

Analyze your prospective retirement income in good time. You can arrange a personal consultation so that we can analyze and compare your current and future income and expenditure. This will give you an idea of where you will stand financially once you retire. Based on the outcome of the analysis, we can establish whether or not action is needed and present you with options for how to optimize your finances.

3. Optimize your financial situation  

UBS offers a range of solutions to help you optimize your financial situation and ensure that you will be able to maintain your standard of living in retirement.

Using our retirement solutions, you can focus on building up and optimizing your assets and prepare for retirement.

Find out, for example, how with a UBS Fisca account accumulate tax-privileged retirement capital. Contact us today.

Together we will analyze your current circumstances and present you with options at an early stage to show you how you can optimize your finances to ensure that you can also afford to finance your own home in the future.

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