Selling or passing on your home

Can I sell my property if it’s still mortgaged?

If you’d like to sell your home or pass it on to your children, early planning can really pay off.

Get an overview of how you should go about selling or bequeathing a mortgaged property and learn about possible fees, taxes and the options for obtaining a bridging loan.

If your home no longer fits your requirements regarding size or layout, contact us to get an early start on selling or changing your home – we’ll be glad to assist you.

Get your home valued

Get the value of your home checked before you sell it. Key factors here include the year of construction, overall condition, plot area, location and surrounding infrastructure.

Bridging loans

If you’ve found your dream home but haven’t sold your existing property yet, come speak to us about the options for a bridging loan.


When a property changes hands, taxes and fees are incurred. These vary from canton to canton and include property transfer tax, property gains tax and land registry and notary fees. We recommend contacting your notary or land registry office for details.

If you want to pass your home on to your children at some time in the future, we’ll plan the most important steps with you and advise you on the major topics, including:

  • the value of your home
  • tax aspects and options (inheritance tax, gift tax, fees)

Get your heirs involved at an early stage and have them play an active role in the planning process. In a personal consultation, we'll go through the financing rules which will apply to your heirs and calculate the affordability of the property for the future owners.

When you sell or pass on your residential property, your mortgage can be transferred or terminated depending on the circumstances. Together we can assess the following options:

  • Transfer of the mortgage to a new buyer
  • Transfer of the mortgage to a new property
  • Premature termination of the mortgage (will incur costs)  

What happens to my mortgage if I sell my property or pass it on?

  • Property valuation
  • Review of bridging loan options
  • Answers to tax questions
  • Comprehensive information about transferring your mortgage

Our experts are here for you – we look forward to speaking with you.

What are the next steps?