Goal-oriented planning Let your money work for you

Most people have dreams, whether big or small. It is often the required financial resources which determine whether these dreams remain just that or become a goal to aspire to. We provide you with step-by-step support in achieving your personal savings target.

Achieve your goal faster

To accumulate wealth from your money, it helps to adopt a systematic approach. As goals can also change, flexibility is important. With discipline and an investment strategy that meets your earnings expectations, you will achieve your goal sooner.

Respond to changes in a relaxed manner

Even if you have a pre-defined path, life throws up many surprises. It is good if you are able to respond to these in a flexible manner – at least when it comes to your finances. You can make changes to your investment strategy at any time. We'd be happy to advise you and show you the various scenarios. This will allow you to optimally exploit the potential of your invested assets. 

The UBS investment solutions provide you with maximum flexibility if you wish to withdraw your money. With UBS e-banking and Quotes, you always have an overview of your assets. This means you know the exact amount available to you. You can sell investment fund units via e-banking or Quotes at any time.

Keep risk and return in balance

When it comes to investing, the higher the return, the greater the level of risk usually is. However, using the right measures theses risks can be reduced. We show you how you can protect yourself against excessive risks by broadly diversifying your investments. Ultimately, you can reach your goal quicker by achieving higher returns.

Our investment solutions are geared towards generating optimal added value. Price fluctuations are part and parcel of this. In most cases, lower prices are not a cause for concern, but rather represent a good buying opportunity. Nevertheless, to ensure you have peace of mind, it is good to be able to rely on specialists when investing. This helps you to avoid typical "investor traps".

With our portfolio managers, comprehensive analyses and objective decision-making criteria form the basis of every transaction. Here, our portfolio managers are bound by stringent guidelines. The most important thing, however, is that your interests as a client are protected.

Achieve your objective step by step

Once the investment strategy has been set, discipline is the key to ensuring success. This also means not allowing yourself to be swayed by market sentiment when making decisions. Those who deal with the financial markets know that the stock markets do not always rise as a result of economic, political and other factors, but can also temporarily fall.

Decisions should thus be based on valuations – not feelings. Those who follow their feelings when investing often make the error of buying too high during phases of euphoria and making rash sales when prices fall. It therefore pays off to put your faith in the objective opinion and specialist knowledge of investment experts.

If you invest in investment funds, fluctuations in value can be smoothed out over time by regularly investing a fixed amount. The same applies to systematic investing: By investing an amount that always remains the same, you buy fewer securities when prices are high and more securities during times of lower prices. Over time, you can thus benefit from lower average cost prices and thus reduce the risk of being confronted with a less favorable environment for making your investment.

Sound advice

Which investment is right for you? We work with you to answer this question. During an advisory consultation, we look at your personal situation and create a tailored solution for you.

Our investment solutions

Our range of funds and wealth management mandates is just as individual as you. Find out more about the different investment products.

Investment products

Investment fund account

If you would like to save regularly and a savings account doesn't offer a high enough return.


If you would like to create a financial buffer for later in life and want to live with peace of mind in your old age.

Asset allocation funds

If you want to achieve a financial goal and are thus looking to invest your money over the long term.

UBS ManageTM

Benefit from a rapid and direct implementation of your investment strategy being implemented quickly and directly?. With UBS ManageTM, our experts will take charge of the management of your portfolio in keeping with the UBS House View.

Financial Personality Test

Financial Personality Test

To find the right strategy, it is important that you know your own risk appetite. Take the test now.

Guide and calculator

The ABCs of Investing

The ABCs of investing

The basic concepts of investing and the most important rules for accumulating your assets explained simply.

Investment calculator

Investment calculator

Calculate online how long you will likely have to safe to achieve your goal.

Investment solutions brochure

Investment solutions brochure

Discover your own personal investment solution one step at a time – find out more about the various aspects to consider when investing your assets in this brochure.