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Why investing with UBS is worthwhile:

Turn your money into wealth

Your money may be safe on a savings account, but it won’t grow. By investing it on financial markets, however, you’ll be able to build up wealth over a period of years. 

Invest conveniently

Investment funds are the most convenient way of investing your money. They can be tailored to your risk profile, allowing you to spread your investments across a number of different stocks and/or bonds.

Invest sustainably

Help make a positive impact on the environment and society while achieving similar returns to conventional investments.

Delegate investment decisions

You decide how much advice you want and what decisions you would rather make yourself.

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Fulfill your dreams, both big and small

By investing your money, you’ll be able to build your wealth over a period of years. You can then use it, for example, to buy an apartment, renovate your home or finance your children’s education.