Forward-looking protection Look forward to your future with peace of mind

When it comes to saving for your retirement with investment funds, security is your number one priority. After all, this concerns something very valuable – your future. With us, you can find a broad range of sound investment solutions that take account of your risk expectations.

Make more of your money

When it comes to investing, trust is important. Taking account of your financial situation and plans, values such as security are paramount when selecting your investment strategy. You want to have access to your money at all times.

Rely on expert knowledge

If you invest in UBS investment funds, your money will be managed by experts. Hundreds of economists and investment specialists around the world monitor the financial markets. They regularly produce analyses of various asset classes and markets. Our fund managers make decisions on the basis of this data. In doing so, they are bound by strict guidelines. The most important thing, however, is that each and every decision protects your interests as a client.

Before we recommend an investment solution to you, we take the time to provide you with a comprehensive advisory consultation. Here, it is about gaining an understanding of your needs and requirements. This allows us to ensure that you receive the perfect solution for you.

Put your faith in experience and know-how

As a bank, we can look back on a long tradition. In Switzerland, UBS is not only the biggest asset manager, but also the largest fund provider. More important than this, however, are our achievements. Our funds are regularly recognized with Lipper Fund Awards. Thanks to good returns over a sustained period, we have occupied first place in various categories for a number of years.

We have also been named "Best Global Bank" and – for the fourth time in succession – "Best Bank in Switzerland" by the magazine "Euromoney". The Euromoney Awards are issued annually and are among the most important awards in the financial industry. Last year, banks in more than 100 countries competed for the coveted title of "Best Global Bank".

Benefit from flexible solutions

It is reassuring to know that you can access your money at all times – after all, something unexpected might happen. For this reason, UBS offers investment solutions that provide you with maximum flexibility if you wish to withdraw your money.

With UBS e-banking and Quotes, you always have an overview of your assets. This means you know the exact amount available to you and can respond in a flexible manner. You can sell fund units via e-banking or Quotes at any time. The respective amount will be credited to your personal account within two working days.

Sound advice

Which investment is right for you? We answer this question together. During an advisory consultation, we look at your personal situation and create a tailored solution for you.

Our investment solutions

Our range of funds and investment solutions is just as individual as you. Find out more about the different investment products.

Investment products


If you would like to create a financial buffer for later in life and want to live with peace of mind in your old age.

Asset Allocation Funds

you want to achieve a financial goal and are thus looking to invest your money over the long term.

Investment fund account

you would like to save regularly and a savings account doesn't offer a high enough return.

Guides and calculator

ABCs of Investing

The ABCs of investing

The basic concepts of investing and the most important rules for accumulating your assets explained simply.


Investment calculator

Investment calculator

Calculate online how long you will likely have to safe to achieve your goal.

Investment solutions brochure

Investment solutions brochure

Discover your own personal investment solution one step at a time – find out more about the various aspects to consider when investing your assets in this brochure.