Retirement provision according to age

Advice and useful information for your retirement planning

We change over the years – as do our questions and concerns about retirement. Our retirement experts answer the most frequently asked questions.

18 to 29 years old

Your first job and first salary – the right time to start thinking about your retirement. The sooner you start saving in pillar 3, the more you’ll benefit later on.

30 to 50 years old

Now that you know where you’re headed in life, your pension situation will change with every major decision you make, from getting married and having children to buying your own home. Make sure you are as prepared as possible.

Over 50 years old

Planning for retirement ahead of time is essential if you want to look forward to a worry-free retirement. It is the only way you can realistically assess and improve your future financial situation.

1 hour well spent

Our pension plan consultants will help you draw up a concrete plan of action and answer all your questions about retirement, including:

  • Will I have enough money when I retire?
  • How can I invest my money to get higher returns?
  • How can I finance my own home with pension funds?
  • How can I best plan my retirement to save on taxes?

First job? Saving for retirement is worthwhile – for you too!

Answer just a few questions and receive pension tips tailored to your individual situation.