Extending your mortgage

How and when can I extend my mortgage?

As soon as your mortgage approaches the end of its term, you should consider extending it. Use the opportunity to adjust your existing financing to your current living conditions.

Extend your mortgage at the right time

Every mortgage is subject to a specific term. Check in your credit agreement when your mortgage (or its installment) expires. Your client advisor will contact you a couple of months ahead of time. This is your opportunity to think about whether you'd like to extend your financing. Your client advisor can help you answer the following questions:

  • How do my current and future living conditions look?
  • What's the current interest environment? What's the right mortgage for me?

Variants of an extension

Extend your mortgage

If your living conditions haven't changed, you can simply extend your mortgage according to the current terms of your agreement.

Increase your mortgage

We're happy to discuss the possibility of increasing your mortgage as part of an extension. You could, for example, finance renovation or remodeling.  

Adjust your mortgage

Maybe you've started a family, your children are financially independent or your professional circumstances have changed. Together we can adjust your mortgage strategy to your current circumstances.

Would you like to extend your mortgage?

We'll be happy to help you review your current circumstances and discuss the possibility of an extension.

We're here for you when you need us

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